Rebuilding Trust Workshop

These unprecedented times created a deep rift in trust between elected officials and constituents. We need to heal that wound and forge stronger bonds to face the even greater challenges ahead.

I spent the last two years reconciling differences and resolving conflicts between private citizens. My true passion however lies in helping leaders of our communities stay true to their values, lead with empathy and integrity, and rebuild trust and support. Our future and the future of our children depends on this.

In preparation for the October 2022 local elections, I am organizing a workshop for local politicians to come together and find effective ways to communicate with voters. Rebuilding trust is difficult and sometimes painful and I hope to use my experience as a therapist and a conflict resolution coach to help you in those turbulent times.

This workshop is free and is open to local politicians in Canada.

Friday, January 7th
Online via Zoom (cameras on)

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