Hi, I’m Yael Finer.

I help enemies become partners to build a better world.

I grew up in a difficult household with a schizophrenic father and a mother who worked from dawn to dusk to support her three daughters in war-torn Israel.

I was 7 years old when I discovered my ability to empathically understand different perspectives and mitigate conflicts between my mother, father and my sisters.

30 years later, when I moved from Israel to Canada, I decided to devote myself to conflict resolution and focus on topics that are tearing our world apart – the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and racism.

I interviewed over 100 people on both sides of deeply contested hot topics, I depolarize heated conversations on social media, and I host the Effective Convesations podcast that explores the triggers and biases that cause deep rifts in society.

I also offer my services as a conflict resolution coach to heart-centered influencers and politicians working to build a better world.

I live with my husband and two kids in beautiful Nelson, BC.


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